Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend of Fun

I had a lot of time this weekend to work on a few items.  The group I belong to ARTHaven has several swaps for the month of June that I signed up to participate in.  The first is a Tag – of any size, but must be in green and embellished with green.   Below is a picture of my entry.  100_0397

The next swap was the June Lottery.  Our task was to create anything of our liking, but the theme must be of Nature.   I had a lot of ideas, a ton of pictures that I could use but just couldn’t figure out how until I started rummaging through my boxes of treasures!  I had bid on a box of boxes on eBay a couple of years ago.  A huge box came filled with all kinds of tins, containers and one little wooden box.  I looked at that and new exactly what I was going to do.  It took some cleaning up, I sanded it down, took the hinges off to clean them up and painted it a deep green.   I then covered it with gold butterflies and sealed with Mod Podge.  It still has several coats of Mod Podge to go, you paint, sand, paint and sand and eventually end with a shiny, glassy surface.  Below is a picture of my entry in the June Lottery. 


I ended my weekend working on a couple more tags.  These have quickly become a favorite of mine to do – there are so many variations!   100_0411 100_0414




Thanks for stopping by.  Would love to hear from you.  Until the next time!


  1. Kerry everything turned out so beautiful.. Tags are my favorites to do too...

  2. Great box and tags. Love the ART!

  3. I've been to visit your blog for the first time today, and decided to leave a note about the green butterfly tag which is so appealing to me. I really like your work. Thanks for sharing.