Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday’s Best

Awoke this morning to bright sunshine, blue skies and warm temps.  Predictions for a chance of rain again, but as par for the course, they’ve passed right by.  We are under a tornado warning until 10:00pm.  I’m not a happy camper when bad weather!

Today I worked on catching up on e-mails, selecting papers to be used for the Green Tag Swap, the Mariposa Gift Tag and looking for fairies to use for the Button Fairy Swap.  I had a hard time narrowing my selection for the fairies they were all so cute!  I can see I’ll be making quite a few of those. 

I worked a bit on my Altered Book.  I painted another couple of pages, collaged a couple and impatiently waited for them to dry.  100_0391100_0393

O ne of the pages I painted yesterday I was going to try for some texture.  I had seen a project where they used clear caulking and you can mold it to whatever you want.  Alas, it didn’t work and I ended up with sticky pages.  So, I collaged over that!   100_0392 100_0390

Fortunately you can do that, cover up or hide something that doesn’t quite work.   This is definitely a work in progress.  

I’ve also been making cards for OWH – this has become a really fun project.  I had a set of cards I bought years ago and I’m using those and then I’ll really dig into my stacks of supplies.  100_0394

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Please let me know you’ve stopped by.  Thanks. 


  1. Awesome AB pages.... I am glad to see some that you did... Now I know I am doing it right... Your cards are awesome... I can't wait to see them in person...
    Thank you so much for the inspiration...and being a great friend

  2. FABULOUS...looks like you are having FUN with your AB!! and your OWH cards are TERRIFIC...such a WONDERFUL cause!!

  3. Kerry I LOVE your blog and your postings.....everything is SO crisp and clear!!!! GREAT job ma'am!!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet complements :) Love what your doing with your AB ... fun stuff but very addictive :))